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How has Holy Cross Elementary and Holy Cross Parish influenced me during my secondary school years and my pursuit post secondary? The teachers and staff both at HC school and parish had a significant impact on my high school years and I know that this will continue as I pursue post-secondary studies. I will be attending Sheridan College in Ontario this fall and playing Varsity volleyball. Teachers and staff at HC gave me the foundation to work hard and play hard especially when I am confronted with academic or sport challenges. I am thankful to the HC community for giving me the opportunity to play different sports which gave me the opportunity to develop my love and passion for volleyball.
More importantly, the HC community taught me the Christian values of love, respect and compassion that have helped me to be a leader in my High School community. l have always tried to bring a little HC “Titans” spirit to Burnaby North. Mr. Alberti showed me what it means to be a good leader and teachers like Mr. DeFazio always went out of their way to give the extra help that I need with my academics. They remain the models for me in my everyday life.

The faith values instilled in me at HC have allowed to be respectful of others even when we disagree and despite our differences. I have been surrounded by students of different faiths and cultural backgrounds at Burnaby North but the values I learned at HC have allowed me to embrace and benefit from these differences. I believe that the foundation provided to me by the HC community will continue to serve beyond my academic and sports career and I hope that I can pass on these values one day when I have my own family.
Thomas Tucci