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I am grateful and proud that I grew up in the Holy Cross Parish and School for 8 years of my life. This I believe, led me to who I am today growing into a mature and well-around person. From attending Church on Sundays and participating in various school activities & programs to volunteering in various areas in our community helped me to prepare for a bigger world of high school and now I am looking forward to my next journey into Simon Fraser University this fall.

Holy Cross Elementary school has taught me a lot of valuable lessons growing up. First, during 8 years of my school years, I had participated in almost all of the school activities and sports programs. It taught me how to face challenges and how to be proactive in life. It also taught me the values of being a team player. Secondly, I also learned important life values and morals as a Catholic and I appreciate this very much. When I entered high school, it was a very different experience meeting with different people from all different backgrounds. I realized how grateful I was for my upbringing, my family and community around me.

I am also who I am today because of my faith. Going to church on Sundays is the most important thing for my family. During Holy Cross Elementary school, I alter-served for 5 years and this year I participated in a Youth Group program which was a great experience. During our 8 weeks of meetings, I learned how to listen to others with an open mind and enjoyed talking to other teenagers like myself and sharing my opinions and thoughts about challenging issues we face. Since last September, I also have been involved in PREP teaching and assisting level 2 students.This helped me to learn about myself as a mentor and leader in guiding young students.I also learned to be responsible and how to be a good example.

For the last two years, I have been volunteering as an assistant coach for a summer soccer camp at Cliff Avenue United soccer club. Coaching young children was fun and a rewarding experience. I enjoyed teaching and helping them as I have been playing soccer myself for over 13 years. At Notre Dame high school, I was also proactive in both academics and extracurricular activities. I have received first and second honors and played volleyball for whole years and basketball for 2 years. I also have been playing soccer and volleyball outside of school.

Now I have been accepted into a social science and arts program at Simon Fraser University. I am looking forward to moving onto my next chapter of my life. I have been beyond grateful for the opportunities Holy Cross has provided me. I am always going to use what I have learned through my experiences in my future as I head into university. I will never forget where I came from and who I can appreciate my abilities for.

Thank you for this opportunity and I appreciate your consideration in advance.

Tiara Turrin