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My name is Katia Krumpak and I was born and raised in Burnaby. I am the eldest of three children and I am of Italian and Slovenian heritage. I attended Holy Cross Elementary School and am now in my final year at Notre Dame Regional Secondary. I am typically described as quiet and reserved. However, as I become more accustomed to people and situations, I more easily express my ideas and engage in genuine conversations. My friends would describe me as composed, trustworthy and loyal. These attributes were certainly fostered in my early school years as I was exposed to an environment where everyone truly cares. Holy Cross was able to offer so many extracurricular activities because of its dedicated staff. I participated in every sports team and academic enrichment class as well as Roman Catholic Challenge, Readers are Leaders, choir and altar serving. I learned the importance of dedication, teamwork and service and those lessons have truly benefited me and guided me through my high school years.
My main interests include drawing, science, volleyball, skiing and travelling. I have always enjoyed and been successful in my artistic endeavours and have been fascinated by beautiful designs and architecture in the world around us. When travelling through Europe, I was amazed by the many different styles and designs I was able to experience. Last summer, I attended a two-week intensive program at the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture where I successfully completed three major projects. It was intimidating to arrive at the UBC campus with students from all over the world, most already attending post-secondary school, but the lessons I learned at Holy Cross, to not be afraid to try something new and to challenge yourself, served me well. Ultimately, the program solidified my plans and I enrolled in the Architectural and Building Technology program at BCIT. Upon completion of this program, I intend to enroll in the degree program and ultimately pursue a Masters in Architecture because this career combines my love of science and design into one.
During elementary school, I was encouraged to participate in many different activities, giving me the tools I needed to have a successful and balanced secondary school experience. I have continued to be a dedicated student at Notre Dame, achieving the Principal’s List or First Class Honours every year. In addition, I was a committed member of my school and club volleyball team for four years. This past year, I joined the Outdoors Club and Ski Club and I have worked two days per week as a hostess at a fast-paced Italian restaurant in my community. Prior to COVID, I was able to volunteer at the Door is Open preparing and delivering sandwiches and at the Burnaby Christmas Bureau helping to sort toys for less fortunate children in our community. I regularly attend mass with my family and have tried to give back to the Holy Cross community. I was able to volunteer at the Titans volleyball camp in the past and this year I am co-teaching grade four students every Tuesday evening at the Holy Cross Prep Program.
Thank you for your time and consideration for this scholarship.