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Knights of Columbus

My faith is very much at the center of my life. I come from a faith-filled family that instilled in me a great love of God. My devotion was nurtured by my parents who are a great example of our living faith. Faith is of such great importance that they continue to make sacrifices so that myself and my two siblings can attend catholic schools. My parents planted the seed of faith and Holy Cross school and Parish became the strong roots and foundation that have enabled me to become the person I am today. Now, at Saint Thomas More High School, I continue to work on my relationship with God and strive to become the person God wants me to be.

Beyond knowledge of doctrine, the staff encouraged me to push myself. I held straight A’s throughout elementary school, participated in all extracurricular sports, was on the Roman Catholic Challenge team and was an altar server. I was taught to work hard and to always do my personal best. Lessons I continue to carry with me. Whenever I think of Holy Cross I always get a smile on my face. I have so many great memories. It has been said that you will leave Holy Cross but Holy Cross will never leave you, and I can confirm it is true.

Holy Cross School provided me with a strong foundation that truly enabled me to grow. I have continued to achieve straight A’s while participating in extracurricular activities, while also working a part-time job and being on my school’s student council.

I was accepted into the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Simon Fraser University and hope to pursue a career in law. As I continue to fulfill my desire to love and serve the Lord and live a meaningful life, I will take with me the lessons that were instilled in me from Holy Cross. I will continue to better myself so I can better this world and leave a positive imprint and an affirmative impact.