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Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be part of the Catholic faith and attend a Catholic school. It was during these times that I grew into the person I am today with the support of teachers, priests, and peers.

I learned the sense of community that I experienced as a young kid at Holy Cross Parish. I met new families and friends and attended church events like pancake breakfast and the Salmon BBQ, where I talked and played with other kids. Moreover, I would frequently visit the church on weekends with my family, specifically my grandpa and grandma, who play a huge part in my life. Without the church, I would not have the relationship I have with my grandma now because our faith is something we have in common and bonds us together.

Finally, I was able to build a strong foundation for my faith. At school, I experienced the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. Religion class allowed me to learn more about the foundations of Catholicism. I was also the altar server for Holy Cross Parish, responsible for tasks like bringing up the water and wine and ringing the bells during Consecration, allowing me to become closer to God as I participated more in mass. Through this, I learned values such as reverence and responsibility.

Holy Cross Elementary School offered a wide variety of opportunities where I was able to find many of my passions that I still participate in and learn from today. Being a part of the basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams at Holy Cross kick-started my passion for these three sports. In high school, I was named the Grade 8 and Junior Female Athlete of the Year for my participation and leadership in all three sports. As captain of these three teams, I was able to win a Provincial Championship with the Senior Girls Soccer Team as a Grade 9. My passion for sports influenced my decision to pursue Kinesiology in post-secondary, where I can work with athletes who are injured as a physiotherapist. Moreover, playing the violin at school masses and at the talent show, which helped me share my talent and showcase my musical knowledge and experience, has allowed me to become more comfortable playing around my peers. At my high school, I am an integral member of the Senior Band, where I grew my leadership skills as a section leader.

Holy Cross prepared me for high school by allowing me to grow a strong foundation in my faith, find lifelong passions, and be part of a community where I know I will always be accepted no matter what. I had some of the most supportive teachers who taught me important values that I will carry with me as I enter post-secondary; I also built friendships that remain intact today. Holy Cross allowed me to achieve my academic goals, which will be continued as I attend UBC in the undergraduate program of kinesiology.